There are a gazillion thoughts running around my head at any given time of the day. Even in the wee hours my head runneth over… thoughts spilling out in dreams.  Life presents us with so many opportunities to think. “Why did that woman just flip me the bird?” “I need to look for a new place to live.” “Is that a star or a planet shining wicked bright in the night’s sky?” “Why did I type that using incorrect English?” “What will be my next career?” “It’s really amazing that someone took sap from a tree, cooked the heck out of it and turned it into yummy syrup!” “Why is my youngest child obsessed with technology?” “Granite counter tops are not really practical.” “Can I lose 15 pounds in two months?” “I want to retire.” “It would be cool to make a fairy garden.” And on and on and on and on…

So this place is my space to get it out of my head. It may or may not amount to a hill of beans (where did that saying come from!?)… but perhaps something I write will cause a stirring, a laugh, an inquiry, an ‘ah ha’… or not.  My interests, curiosities, emotions, dreams, and frustrations will spring forth here.

I’d love to hear from you… something useful, constructive, supportive, kind… a question, an answer. My goal will be to keep it positive… and I hope you will join me.  It’s an evolution.


One Gazillion Thoughts
This is what One Gazillion Thoughts looks like.