Humans can be so cool.

FullSizeRender (1)Walking on the “North Shore” of Chattanooga the other day… it’s a subtly swanky southern hot spot. (Although I insist on calling it the “North Bank” ’cause you don’t have a shore on a river — you have a bank.) Anyway…
I’m taking in the store fronts and the street art and trying to avoid the heat. Wasn’t giving much attention to anything else, just taking in what it feels like to be a Yankee in the South… a fish out of water.

Then this manufactured breeze comes over me. And, with the giggle of a fairy it disappears in a poof! A beautiful burst of fabric rose petals float around me. I stop in my tracks. What just happened? I notice the petals have words! “You are beautiful.” “You are worthy.” I smile. A complete stranger flits like a sprite and sprinkles some goodness. I’m so intrigued by the petals that I don’t see where the fairy goes… totally missed her. Bummer.

I gather up the petals and think about what just happened. Humans really can be so cool. Thanks fairy on the North Shore.